Business continuity

Businesses depend on technology and the underlying data to be successful. We can help safeguard this vital information by designing a backup strategy that will cover both minor and major data loss. An effective solution should include a mix of daily backups and data restore strategies. The solution should include data retrieval in the event of loss due to common user mistakes or acts of God such as floods or earthquake that can cause damage to life and property.

Miutec can design onsite or cloud based backup solutions based on budget, business risk tolerance and expectations of business owners.

CIO Services

For businesses which cannot afford senior IT personnel Miutec provides advisory services to clients on short term and long term IT Strategy, cost reduction, Optimization, resource management and outsourcing. Our team will work with your senior managers to bring your IT budget in line with your total cost. We will make you aware of potential problems and underline the risks to your business. We will use our expertise to provide you with industry standard solutions that cuts cost and reduces risk.

Miutec can also act as a liaison with various vendors and negotiate better terms and conditions.

Microsoft support and Configuration

Miutec’s certified Microsoft engineers can install, configure and maintain your Windows infrastructure. We can work with you on a block, project or yearly support contract to troubleshoot or assist with your day to day IT issues. Our Expertise include

  • Windows Active directory
  • Exchange migration to the cloud
  • Windows 10 & Windows 11
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Various  Microsoft legacy products.

Apple Devices

We live in an age of “bring your own devices (BYOD)” and it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to prevent users from using devices they own and are familiar with to their place of work. A common scenario is where corporate users use their iPhone to access their work email. The apple laptops are very popular and are used for corporate file and database access.  We help design our customer networks to include these non-corporate devices so as to increase employee productivity and satisfaction but at the same time cut down the risk to the corporate network.

Network Infrastructure

Many small/medium size businesses make the mistake of approaching their corporate network like a home setup. Most home networks are plug-and-play, a wireless router connects to a high speed provider and using this device multiple devices have access to the Internet and to each other. In a corporate network the volume and sensitivity of data calls for proper planning and implementation.

Miutec would design networks based on the day to day needs of the underlying business. It will make recommendations and can procure network switches and routers. Miutec will work with various telecommunication providers to negotiate contracts and rates while designing the needed capacity.

Storage and Backup

Miutec has the expertise in designing storage arrays for businesses of all sizes. Modern day storage arrays provide speed, reliability and redundancy of data. A well designed array frees up server resources and provides the high iops needed for very demanding applications. Storage arrays are an important piece of virtualization.

VoIP and Phone

Miutec provides cloud based voice solutions that is affordable and makes available all the features of a traditional phone switch. Businesses no longer have to own a expensive PBX or deal with the high cost of telephone bills.  Voice over IP solutions provide unlimited calling at fixed monthly cost.

Virtualization services

For organizations that require mobility, scalability and redundancy virtualization of the backend servers and the desktop infrastructure is highly recommended. Miutec has the resources and the knowledge to implement the physical to virtual conversions. For new businesses we recommend and include virtualization as a major part of the infrastructure design. Our engineers are certified in VMware and Microsoft products.